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Lubeck is a queer interdisciplinary filmmaker based out of Los Angeles and Chicago. She currently works as the in house Director of Photography and camera operator for BRATtv. She graduated with a masters in digital cinema from DePaul’s School for the Cinematic Arts in 2017. 


Her short film "Lucy" won the special jury prize at the Student BAFTA awards, and premiered at the Chicago International Film Festival. Lubeck served as Director of Photography on the feature "King Rat" (2015). She shot Quinn Tsan’s experimental dance narrative film "Bedrooms" which went on to win the Jacksonville Dance Film Festival grand prize, In/Motion Chicago Film Festival’s 1st place, and the Flatlands Dance Film Festival grand prize. Additionally she served as the Director of Photography on the pilot "Drive Slow" (2017), which had it’s premiere at the New York Television Festival in 2017. 


In her work Lubeck strives towards creating space and representation for all races, genders, and LGBTQ individuals. She recognizes the need for a more inclusive and diverse filmmaking method, and is committed to creating stories that center this in front and behind the camera.

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